Experiencing well-being like a local.

Across the Willamette River from downtown Portland, Knot Springs has created a stir in the Portland social scene. It’s not a bar or a new restaurant. Instead it’s a spa, yoga studio, gym, massage center— and it’s changing the game.

Dossier guests have members’ access and exclusive pricing to all of Knot Springs, since it’s one of our local Co-Conspirators [LINK]. Here’s at what’s in store during a visit to the club.


The Setting

The 11,500-square-foot wellness and social club is on the fourth and fifth floors of The Yard, a new residential tower. Blonde-hued woods and verdant plantings suggest a rustic escape, as if you’ve stumbled upon a hidden hot spring on a hike. But heavy use of poured concrete and metal, plus the inescapable city views from floor-to-ceiling windows serve as constant reminders: this retreat is in the middle of Portland.


The Fitness

There’s a fully equipped gym where Portlandians train at their own pace, along with studio spaces for classes ranging from aerial yoga to The Chuck Norris, a high-intensity, fat-burning kickboxing class. Visitors can also sign up for a personal fitness session for customized workout advice.


The Spa

Expert massage therapists are at hand to provide restorative treatments in light-filled private rooms. Treatments take their cues from healing techniques across the globe, like the glide-heavy Swedish-style massages, ancient Chinese medicinal cupping, and flexibility-boosting Thai-style massages.


The Springs

The complex’s name comes from its wellness springs, a series of hydrotherapy baths. Inspired by the spas of Europe, the club invites visitors to undertake the seven-step “Knot Springs Sojourn.” Beginning with an exfoliation shower (complete with a cocktail), you move on to a just-below-body-temp tepidarium pool, easing muscle tension. Next comes the caldarium, a 102-degree, hydro-jet pool that further de-kinks the muscles and washes away toxins. A quick, icy cold plunge—an ancient Turkish tradition—reinvigorates body and mind before stepping into a dry sauna, followed by a steam room. The whole process concludes with a rest in the soothing relaxation lounge.


The Scene

Well-being is very much an intimate experience, and a visit to Knot Springs can be a deeply personal. What we at Dossier love so much about it though, is its simultaneous allowance for a collective, social experience. Locals mingle in the gym, at the classes, and in the springs, and the entire vibe is one of community.


Learn more about Dossier Hotel’s other Co-Conspirators here.

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