Portland Art CollectionYour private Portland art gallery

Portland is one of the country’s leading hubs for creativity, with artists using all forms of media to change the way we view ourselves and our world. At Dossier, you have the unique opportunity to partake in that artistic spirit, enjoying exclusive access to works by the city’s talented artists and illustrators.

All the art at Dossier celebrates the offbeat style of our city, and the beauty of its natural surroundings. The collection comprises nature-inspired works from a diverse group of painters, illustrators and printmakers—each based right here in Portland.

As you explore the art of Dossier, you’ll experience a glimpse into Portland’s creative soul. We invite you to stroll the hallways and see, piece by piece, what it’s all about.

dos_lobby_art_24_web.jpg Dossier Hotel Portland, OR
dos_lobby_art_9_web.jpg Dossier Hotel Portland, OR
dos_lobby_art_18_web.jpg Dossier Hotel Portland, OR
loft-Suite-Living-Area.jpg Dossier Hotel Portland, OR
King-Room.jpg Dossier Hotel Portland, OR
Corner-King-Room.jpg Dossier Hotel Portland, OR